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Seine Systems' Customers Speak Out

updated, 1/16/05

"The ability to shift into the correct gears was a night and day difference with the Gate Shifter installed. The only problem I had was pulling the shift knob off on a flurry of up and down shifts while in a mountain section. Hitting the correct gears was not even a second thought, I knew exactly what gear I was shifting to. I utilized the Porsche short-shift kit in conjunction with the gate shift kit which made the throws quick and concise. I've put about three thousand miles on it and it is still as tight and centered as the day I first tried it.

The installation was easy (a couple of hours) and it worked right from the start without any adjustments to the linkage needed at all. This took my car from 356 technology to true 911 technology. This is a great product for early 911's with their inherently "loose" shifting characteristics.

Thanks again for the help."

"....So I am very satisfied not only with the mechanical benefits, but also that my mind is able to be off my shifting and back onto the track!"

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"Thanks for a great kit!" CS

"Inspired by the improvement in the daily driver feel of the almost 20 year-old car with your shift kit in, after 5 years of lusting after them, I just dropped about $3k to put 7 & 9 x 16 Fuchs on my 85 Carrera, with some nice Yokos - and then another $1.3k of ss brake lines, super blue, turbo tie rods, alignment and corner balancing - car is transformed. It is my daily driver though, and I haven't fouled up a shift since your kit was in.

Point here is - your kit made as much difference to my daily-driver experience as this did, and lets me use the new surefootedness to even deeper, better advantage and with more confidence for those, ahem, other occasions.

I'm sure the Wxxx is great, but for the price, yours is a way better value than the other shift tower conversion plus no need to send the bloody thing to Omaha or wherever for a bit of file and Dremel work (and with the 1-2 gate mod just a better upgrade to boot) and hard to think of a better way to improve your 915-quipped car for a mere $150 or so.

Thanks again,"

"Your shifter worked great! .... Love your kit!"

Mike Gagen, one of the top performers in the Southern California autocross scene, installed the Gate Shift kit after seeing its introduction at the annual RGruppe gathering in 2002. Mike's '69 RS-bodied 911 is a formidable AX and track car. With little room for error , missed shifts can make all the difference between a win, a nice try or bent valves. With the Gate Shift kit, there is one less thing to worry about. The spring-loaded shift mechanism gives Mike the needed feedback to upshift/downshift with confidence.

"....As I look back to the AX day, the shift kit gave me excellent feed back. On braking I always went in deep, down shifting at the last moment with full confidence. "

"In a 50mph+ left sweeper up shifting from 2nd to 3rd in a full throttle slight left under steer, I push in the clutch and the car turns left another 10 degrees from the momentary weight transfer. The shift kit spring just guides me into third, an upshift to first gear would be catastrophic. I hold the wheel still as I quickly place the gear shift into third and release the clutch at full throttle. The car straightens immediately and tracks perfectly into a 5 cone slalom at 60 mph+...."

Update: "I have been racing with my Seine Systems shift kit for over a year and it works great. Since it was installed and adjusted it has worked perfectly."

In addition, Mike's car (in '04) "has got TTOD at a PCA Zone 8 AX. A couple TTOD in AX AM class as well. On the big tracks a couple TTOD in AM class at both the PCA Time Trails I attended this year." MG

Mike Gagen, owner/driver

"Had your 915 shifter system installed a few days ago. Outstanding!
It works the way the factory should have made it. Shifting was a joy. Thanks much." DB

"I have the Seine Systems shift kit installed. It's great.
The *default* shift plane becomes gears 3-4 since 1-2 and 5-R are spring tensioned. I have no fears of hitting 1st instead of 3rd or 2nd instead of 4th. I also replaced my shift coupler bushings with Poly Graphite units. Big improvements in shifting." -B

Winner: 2002 Dutch Championship
"I mounted the Gate Shift in my '75 RSR (for racing only) and I'm very happy with it, therefore I'd like to order another one for my SC." FS

Frank Schmidt, owner/driver, his crew chief and Schmidt's 2002 Dutch Championship (Youngtimer-trophy) Porsche RSR.

Additional Gate Shift kit Installations:

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