Complete shift housing with Gate Shift kit installed.

From time to time, we can provide a complete 915 shift housing with our Gate Shift kit installed. These are rebuilt shift housing assemblies (circa 1973 to 1986) in good condition, disassembled, inspected, "blueprinted" per our specs, relubed with synthetic grease and mounted with our Gate Shift kit. In addition, the shift housing is machine-polished to a high luster. Use with or without a shift boot.

All you have to do is remove your unit, replace with this one, install the supplied shift lever tab, your shift knob and perform a few adjustments.

Ready to bolt in. Works with 901 and 915 gearboxes.

$375.00 (+$8 domestic shipping)

Contact us for international shipping charges.

Inquire about availability of complete rebuilt shift housing assemblies. Some available with choice of standard, factory semi-short shifter ('85-86) and factory optional (M241) short shifter. Prices start at $375.00

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915 shifter modified for 901 (rev. pawl removed)

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