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Ultimate Strut tm -

Porsche 911, 912 rear



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Lightweight support for the rear engine lid

Supports large wings and spoilers (composite RS ducktail shown)

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Product Details:

Attaches to the left or right engine lid hinge with a single drilled hole (1/4" or 6mm). The carbon fiber support tube and aluminum rod end assembly swivels and provides 23º of L-R angularity. The support tube aluminum foot rests in a SS socket head bolt that replaces one of the motor mount bolts. An EPDM mount slips onto the inner lip of the engine lid and secures the support tube when the engine lid is closed.

The CF support tube must be trimmed to the final installed length.

All hardware is non-ferrous (stainless steel, brass and nylon) for corrosion protection.

Total weight is less than 2 oz.

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