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Ultimate Strut tm FAQs




Important Note:
This product combines a stiff support structure in a lightweight package. The support tube can support up to 25 lbs. at the point of support. Serious personal injury can result if the weight capacity is exceeded. Do not attempt to support more weight than this product is designed to handle.

The total weight capacity also depends on the lift position, body panel support angle and hinge geometry. Verify first before installation.

CAUTION: The dust and fibers from cutting and/or grinding carbon fiber may be hazardous. Wear suitable protection against breathing and handling fibers from the support tube (carbon fiber).

Q: Can this product fit other vehicles and applications?
A: As long as the support weight limit is not exceeded, this product should fit many applications. Order the Universal Ultimate Strut kit. Depending on the vehicle or application, additional and/or modified hardware may be required.

Q: How easy is it to install the Ultimate Strut Universal kit?
This product has not been tested on a wide range of vehicles. Therefore, the user must determine if the product is applicable to his vehicle. If the product cannot be used as designed, return the product under the terms of our money-back warranty.

Q: Why does the support tube seem too long? It doesn't stow away without bending it slightly.
A: The support tube length must be trimmed for each vehicle. As we receive more feedback from customer installations, we will post that information here.The tube as supplied may be longer than needed for your particular installation.

Q: I have a lightweight hood on another car but I need a longer tube. Are longer support tubes available?
A: We carry longer support tubes. Contact us.

Q: How much does this kit actually weigh?
A: A typical support kit weighs less than 3.5 oz. (98 grams) depending on needed brackets and hardware. For example, the kit for the 911/912 rear weighs less than 1.5 oz. (about 42 grams).

Q: Will this product work with lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods?
A: Yes. The Ultimate Strut is a complimentary product for lightweight hood materials. Factory support gas shocks may provide too much tension on a lightweight hood. Thus, the Ultimate Strut is a good alternative support method. Be aware the same weight limit applies to aftermarket composite hoods and body panels.

Q: How much weight can the Ultimate Strut support?
A: At its supplied length in the kit, about 25 lbs. If the tube bends more than 1/2", the support weight is excessive or the support angle is not ideal. In addition, the tube will be stiffer as the length decreases. Contact us for a lightweight reinforcement suggestion.

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