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Ultimate Strut tm FAQs

Porsche 911, 912, 993



Q: How easy is it to install the Ultimate Strut kit?
A: On a scale of 1 to 10, changing oil is a 2. Installing the front kit is a 1 (one); the rear kit is a 2 (a hole must be drilled). The support tube must be trimmed to length. Other than that, the kit bolts on with regular hand tools.

Q: Why does the support tube seem too long? It doesn't stow away without bending it slightly.
A: The support tube length must be trimmed for each vehicle. The tube as supplied may be longer than needed for your particular installation. Determine the proper length as described in the installation instructions, then cut the support tube as needed.

CAUTION: The dust and fibers from cutting and/or grinding carbon fiber may be hazardous. Wear suitable protection against breathing and handling fibers from the support tube (carbon fiber).

Q: Instead of the recommended threaded hole in the trunk, I installed the hardware in the threaded hole closest to the hatch support, and it works. Is this okay?
A: It works there too. Owners now have a second mounting option.

Q: How much does this kit actually weigh?
A: On a postal service scale, the front kit weighs less than 3.5 oz. (108 grams). The rear kit weighs less than 1.5 oz. (about 46 grams).

Q: Will this product work with lightweight fiberglass and carbon fiber hoods?
A: Yes. The Ultimate Strut is a complimentary product for lightweight hood materials. If supplied, factory support gas shocks provide too much tension on a lightweight hood. Thus, the Ultimate Strut is a good alternative support method. Be aware the same weight limit applies to aftermarket composite hoods and engine lids.

The factory hood hinge (front) has a stop built into it. You will want to trim the length of the CF support tube so when the hood is fully open against the stops, the support tube applies a small amount of tension against the hood. This should prevent a stiff breeze from catching the hood and causing it to drop (see example).

The support tube receptacle, which otherwise magnetically attaches to the stock factory hood, can be attached to composite hoods using a dab of silicone sealer or equivalent.

Q: Can the Ultimate Strut be installed on the driver's side (left side) as well?
A: Yes. The fender mount bolts are symmetrical on both sides. However, the master cylinder reservoir might interfere with the support tube when the hood closes. Passenger side installation is recommended.

Q: How much weight can the Ultimate Strut support?
A: At its supplied length in the kit, about 25 lbs. If the tube bends more than 1/2", the support weight is excessive or the support angle is not ideal. Contact us for a lightweight reinforcement suggestion.

CAUTION: Serious injury can occur if the support tube breaks while supporting a body panel. Verify the trunk or engine lid is <25 lbs. at the support location.

The tube becomes stiffer as the length decreases. The total weight capacity also depends on the lift position, body panel support angle and hinge geometry. Verify first before installation.

Q: I've got a 993. Will this product work on my car?
A: Yes. Same hardware kit works on a 993. Here's a picture of the hardware installed on a 993.

Q: Can this product fit other vehicles and applications?
A: As long as the support weight limit is not exceeded, this product should fit many applications. Depending on the vehicle or application, additional/modified hardware may be required.

Q: I have a lightweight hood on another car but I need a longer tube. Are longer support tubes available?
A: We carry longer support tubes. Contact us.

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