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Porsche 964 front



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Lightweight hood support for 964 C2, C4

Photo courtesy K. Urquhart, owner

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Product Details:

Ultimate Strut attaches to an existing factory mounting hole. No drilling or body alterations are required.

The aluminum rod end provides 23º of angularity to position the support tube exactly where needed under the hood.

The tip of the carbon fiber support tube contains a high-strength dymium magnet and is cushioned by a vinyl cap. The support tube receptacle (white object under the hood above) also contains a high strength magnet . The two magnets perform the following functions:

1) Place the nylon receptacle anywhere under the hood. The magnetic receptacle allows ultimate flexibility in establishing a support location on a factory metal hood.

Note: For fiberglass or carbon fiber hoods, attach the receptacle with silicone glue.

2) The mutual attraction of the two magnets helps the support tube "find" the receptacle.

As supplied, trim the support tube to the final installed length as desired. With the trunk lid closed, the support tube lays flat along the inner edge of the trunk.

The complete front Ultimate Strut kit weighs less than 3.5 oz.

All hardware is either zinc-plated or non-ferrous (stainless steel and nylon) for corrosion protection.

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