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915 Gate Shift Kit

Avoid the Over-Rev


1970 911 RSR 2.8 Replica


Road America

Tracking down a GT350 Mustang
click to download this movie,
about 6.5 Mb, MPEG format)

Chris Streit in his '70 RSR-bodied 911

This short video clip illustrates a mis-shift resulted in significant engine damage. Due to the remote location of the shift housing, 911s are more susceptible to a missed shift than other vehicles. The Gate Shift kit helps prevent this from occuring.

This mpeg clip is approximately 30 seconds long. About 26 seconds into the video, listen for the split-second mis-shift from 3rd into 2nd (instead of 4th). Although this event happens quickly in this highly stressful environment, it was just enough to damage the engine.

(Video courtesy Chris Streit)

"I was pushing very hard at Road America exiting The Carousel corner #9 at the top of 3rd gear, approaching 100 MPH. This year I switched to the GTO class where the average car has 2-3 times the horsepower of my 911 so I have to hustle. The G-forces in this turn force the driver hard to the left side of the car.

As I attempted the 3-4 shift I pulled the selector at a slight angle unknowingly into 2nd gear. As you can see in the video, the clutch was only out for a few 10ths of a second, but it was enough to force the engine well past redline."

Engine damage pics (click for larger images)

"The end result was 6 well-bent exhaust valves, a shortened weekend, cracked valve guides and required a full teardown to repair and re-measure the tolerances."

Engine damage pics (click
for larger images)

Other examples of engine damage from over-reving the engine.

Gate Shift kit installed in Chris Streit's
track car (
click for larger image)

"I have since installed the
Seine Systems
915 Gate Shift Kit
as insurance against this problem.

It was clear that the design would discourage this sort of accidental motion with the lever re-centering, and the detents on 1-2. I also received an added benefit. I discovered that it really made for a more intuitive shift pattern through the gears, as 915's tend to be a bit loose. My shifts are much more smooth and I spend a lot less time worrying about what gear the lever is going into. The kit made me more comfortable with my 3-2 shifts because the added lever guide gives the shift a more "positive" feel.

So I am very satisfied not only with the mechanical benefits , but also that my mind is able to be off my shifting and back onto the track!

Thanks for a great kit!"

Chris Streit (owner/driver)
Streit Racing

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