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An Overview of 915 Shift Housings

Porsches are equipped with one of two basic shift housing designs:




Exploded view, 915 Shift Housing ('73-'76)

Various 915 shift levers

Type I
(Lever A)

'73 - '84

Note: Beginning in '77, the shift housing contains a threaded pin to adjust the left/right play. This feature is less important when using the Gate Shift kit as left/right play is controlled by springs.

Type II

'85 - '86

Reduces the lever throw by about 10% over the Type I housing. Referred to as the factory semi-short shifter.

Optional Short Shift upgrades:

Factory Short Shifter (FSS)
(Lever B)


Optional in '85-'86. Factory kit (911.924.931.00) replaces all moveable parts in Type I and II housings. It provides an overall 20-25% reduction in lever throw.



Replaces just the lower pivot and ball section of factory shifter with a longer unit (see C in picture at right)

Weltmeister (WM) (aftermarket)
(Lever C)


Replaces shift lever. Bottom of shift lever from pivot point is longer. Spacer added under the shift housing. About 39% reduction.

Note: The Gate Shift kit is compatible with all currently available short shift kits


How to Identify Factory vs Factory Short Shift

Quick Method:
With a factory short shifter (FSS), the distance from the center of the shift knob to the lower edge of the ash tray is approximately 4 1/4" in first gear and 9 1/2" in second gear.

Distance to pivot pin identifies shift mechanism type

More Accurate Method:
Remove the shift boot, then measure the distance from the bottom of the housing to the center line of the shift lever pivot pin (see photo at right). Here are the approximate dimensions and visual cues:

Housing Type

Distance from housing bottom to pivot pin center line

Type I:



Type II:


(40mm), +4mm over Type I

FSS w/Type I or II housing:


(48mm), +12mm over Type I

WM w/Type I or II housing:


Spacer added under the housing

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