Updated, 6/16/03

The shift lever pivots within the fork which in turn pivots within the shift housing. A pivot pin through both parts allows the lever to move fore and aft (forward and backward)

To reduce the interference fit, reduce the OD of the shift lever directly above and below the pivot pin hole in the lever as indicated. Existing rub marks on the lever indicate the areas to remove. Remove an equal amount from each side of the lever. The objective is to reduce friction without introducing excessive play.

Shift Housings w/1-piece fork:
The factory-supplied interference fit is approx. 0.020 - 0.025" (0.50 - 0.64 mm).

Decrease the interference fit to around 0.010" (0.25 mm) between Lever OD (Fig. 2) and Fork dimension B (Fig. 3).

Shift Housings w/2-piece fork:
Remove approx. 0.010" from the shift lever (Fig. 2).  

During this operation, check the shift lever OD frequently to ensure equal amounts are removed from both sides of the lever. Do not remove more than specified. Excessive clearance can result in rattling and unwanted play in the system.
Lubricant added during reassembly will further reduce drag.

Fig. 1, 1-piece Fork and Shift Lever. Note the
interference rub marks on the lever above
and below the pivot hole.

Fig. 2, Shift lever modification

Fig. 3, Dimension B shows bow in fork which
provides interference fit with shift lever.
Vew from top of shift housing.

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