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Test Vehicle


Pete Jauker (owner, Pete and Paul's Porsche Shop), sends car owner/driver, Peter McCarroll, on test laps at Willow Springs Raceway, CA. Lap times are in 1:22's. Car runs in POC and PCA events on the west coast and midwest events.

Owner McCarroll wanted a system to ensure adequate cooling needs when running in extreme race conditions. For example, Willow Springs Raceway, a local track, is located in the high desert area in Southern California where summer temperatures are typically over 100 degrees. Seine Systems installed a prototype MPC misting system to reduce intercooler air temperatures and a branch system to provide cool air for the brake ducting system. A side benefit is that the lower temperature intercooler air also reduces the air temperature for engine cooling.

Vehicle Specifications:

Owner/Driver: Peter McCarroll
Lomita, CA

Vehicle: 1984 930 Turbo,
ex-Martin Snow

Bodywork: GT2-style w/quick release carbon fiber body panels

Engine: 3.3 l, single turbocharger w/intercooler running at 1.4 bar (spproximately 21 psi boost)

Engine Management: Zytek

Horsepower: 617 HP @ 7000 rpm

Torque: 580 ft lbs @ 3800 rpm

Vehicle Weight: Approx. 2400 lbs.

Maintained by:
Pete Jauker

MPC System Components

Parts List/Installation

Intercooler Cooling

Brake Duct Cooling

Rear view of McCarroll's GT-2 bodied 930 showing single Garrett turbocharger (valence removed).

Despite less than ideal ambient air temperatures (a cool 60ºF), the before and after intercooler temperature reduction was 15ºF. Higher ambient temperatures should result in faster rates of evaporation and increased heat absorption.

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