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MPC components installed in passenger seat area of track car.

Pictured is a 4 liter (1 gallon) reservoir secured by a custom-made aluminum bracket. The standard reservoir is a 2.5 gallon collapsible bag; ideal for fitting into irregularly-shaped areas.

MPC major parts list

Vehicle Specifications:

Owner/Driver: Peter McCarroll
Lomita, CA

Vehicle: 1984 930 Turbo,
ex-Martin Snow

Bodywork: GT2-style w/quick release carbon fiber body panels

Engine: 3.3 l, single turbocharger w/intercooler running at 1.4 bar (spproximately 21 psi boost)

Engine Management: Zytek

Horsepower: 617 HP @ 7000 rpm

Torque: 580 ft lbs @ 3800 rpm

Vehicle Weight: Approx. 2400 lbs.

Maintained by:
Pete Jauker
Pete and Paul's Porsche Shop, Inc.
Torrance, CA
(310) 329-7813

Prototype Vehicle

MPC System Components

Parts List/Installation

Intercooler Cooling

Brake Duct Cooling

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