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MPC for Brake Cooling

The Pratt & Miller Engineering Cadillac CTS-V's uses a Multi-Purpose Cooling system to provide additional brake cooling.

Congratulation to the Pratt & Miller Engineering Cadillac CTS-V for their first place finish at Long Beach (Ron Fellows), 4/9/06

* All vehicles equipped with MPC brake cooling.

For maximum braking performance,
Paul Gentilozzi , team owner and 2004
Trans-Am series winner, equips all the
'05 RocketSports Racing Jaguars with
an MPC, Multi-Purpose Cooling System.

TransAm race results* at Road America, 8/21/05:
1) Klaus Graf, Jag
2) Greg Pickett, Jag
3) Paul Gentillozzi, Jag
5) Tony Drissi, Jag

TransAm race results* at Denver, 8/13/05:
1) Klaus Graf, Jag
2) Tomy Drissi, Jag
3) Greg Pickett, Jag
4) Paul Gentilozzi, Jag
5) John Baucom, Mustang

* All vehicles equipped with MPC brake cooling.

The MPC pump assembly installed in the "trunk" area of the '05 RocketSports Racing Trans-Am Jaguar XKR (driven by '04 series winner, Paul Gentilozzi). MPC misting nozzles are installed in the brake cooling ducts and provide additional cooling for the 6-piston Brembo brakes (all four brakes in certain tracks). A 3 gallon fluid reservoir is located directly ahead of the pump/pressure accumulator. (click here for brake detail)

MPC-equiipped '04 Cytomax Jaguar XKR driven by Greg Pickett.
Scott Pruett won the '03 TransAm championship in a similarly prepared XKR Jag,

Some teams using the MPC system:



RocketSports Racing

Jaguar XKR/Trans-Am

Paul Gentillozi, Tomy Drissi, Klaus Graf

Pratt & Miller Engineering & Fabrication

Cadillac CTS-VR/
SCCA Speed World Challenge

Max Angelelli , Max Papis, Andy Pilgrim, Ron Fellows

Baucom Motorsports


John Baucom

JD Racing Promotions

Jaguar XKR/Trans-Am

Jorge Diaz Jr.

Team Cytosport

Jaguar XKR/Trans-Am

Greg Pickett

Autocon Motorsports

Jaguar XKR/Trans-Am

Michael Lewis

Intersport Racing/Banana Racing

MG/Lola/American Lemans

Rick Sutherland, John Field, Duncan Dayton



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