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How to Remove the Shift Housing Console


The following is a brief overview of how to remove and replace (R&R) the shift housing console. This is necessary in order to install the Gate Shift kit on vehicles equipped with a center console.

Modifying the factory console with the Gate Shift kit


The console is held down by three screws; two screws secure the back (forward edge) of the console. The third screw secures the front of the console and is under the carpet, directly under the parking brake handle. To access these screws:


Remove four screws around the edge of the cover at the forward end of the console.


Remove this cover, then remove the two forward console screws.


If the console has A/C and audio controls, remove the two screws that secures the trim panel inside the console.


Remove the knobs and the switch retaining nuts, then push the switch(es) through the trim hole. Unplug the stereo fader harness connector.


Remove the front console screw directly under the parking brake handle.


Remove the console.


Uncover the shift housing area. Note:
The carpeting covering the center tunnel area must be folded back to expose the complete shift housing. Some models secure the carpeting under the passenger side footboard. Remove the single nut securing the footboard in place, then lift the floorboard aside to free the carpet edge.


To replace the console, reverse the above steps.  

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