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 901 Gate Shift Kit

 915 shift housing + 901 gearbox + Gate Shift kit
 ('66-'71 911)

Take advantage of our spring-loaded Gate Shift kit for your 901 gearbox. See for yourself the advantages experienced by owners who use the Gate Shift kit with their 915 gearbox for track or street.

My 901 shift housing is already spring-loaded via the factory shifter.
Why use the Gate Shift kit?

915, Gate-Shifted housing installed in a '70 911S w/901 gearbox. Click on the image for a larger view.

915-for-901 Shift Modifications
Modify a 915 shifter to work with a 901 gearbox. (Click here to download the PDF file (approx. 500Mb)

To read a PDF file, click on the logo to download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader


Perform this modification to shorten the throws between gears. Take advantage of the short shift kit(s) available for the 915 shifter. You can now have a "short-shift" 901 gearbox as well as more precise shifting.


Perform this modification to avoid that expensive downshift into the wrong gear.

Good enough reasons? Here's how
Both the 901 and 915 shift housings provide the same shift geometry. In fact, with the exception of the location of reverse, they are interchangeable. However, if the 915 shift housing is used by itself, there is no spring-loaded feature to assist the shift from 1st to 2nd gear.

901 shift pattern:


915 shift pattern:


Adding the Gate Shift kit provides the missing spring tension by automatically guiding the shift lever from 1st gear into the neutral position directly in line with 2nd gear. A mere push forward completes the shift into 2nd (just as it does for the 2-3 shift with a 915 gearbox). In addition, the path to 4th/5th is spring-loaded as well. The Gate Shift kit provides all-important tactile feedback to let you know what gear you're in.

What are 901 users saying?

In Summary:
ww The addition of a short shift kit to a "Gate Shifted" 915 shift housing provides more positive shifting as well as reduces the distance between gear shifts (20-30%). The 901 Gate Shift kit increases confidence shifting from gear to gear, just like a "Gate-Shifted" 915 gearbox.

What do I need?

915 shift housing modified for 901 gearbox (reverse pawl removed)



Gate Shift kit (click here to order)

915 shift housing assembly (installed on '73-'86 911s)

One owner's installation on a 912 (courtesy, Ron Wolfe)

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