User comments: 901 Gearbox with the Gate Shift kit

"Just wanted to give you follow-up on the Gate Shift kit I installed for my '69 901 gear box back in August. This was for my annual pilgrimage to the Monterey Historics where I caravan with a group of drivers and take all of the back roads from LA to Monterey. Each years drive is usually hot and heavy and tests the abilities of man and machine.

The ability to shift into the correct gears was a night and day difference with the Gate Shift kit installed. The only problem I had was pulling the shift knob off on a flurry of up and down shifts while in a mountain section. Hitting the correct gears was not even a second thought, I knew exactly what gear I was shifting to. I utilized the Porsche short-shift kit in conjunction with the Gate Shift kit which made the throws quick and concise. I've put about three thousand miles on it and it is still as tight and centered as the day I first tried it.

The installation was easy (a couple of hours) and it worked right from the start without any adjustments to the linkage needed at all. This took my car from 356 technology to true 911 technology. This is a great product for early 911's with their inherently "loose" shifting characteristics.

Thanks again for the help."



"I have the factory short shift kit and the Seine dual gate unit in my E. .......The feel is great and a very big improvement over the original shifter. It has been in place for about 18 months and so far is working perfectly. It is definitely shorter, tighter and more precise."


"I have a 915 (housing) with the Seine gate system and factory short shift kit for my 4-speed - works great. My main reason for upgrading was for auto-x - lots of times i need to exit corners in 1st, the gate gives me more confidence."